Uprooting Divinity

by Dead Chaplain

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Uprooting Divinity is dedicated to those who devote themselves to the opposition of the Almighty. To our eternal solidarity. Our gratitude towards David Correa for the cover art and Caesar Galvan for assistance in recording drums. Other than that, we have no one else to thank than ourselves for the releasing of this E.P.


released April 17, 2016



all rights reserved


Dead Chaplain

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Track Name: World In Chains
Blinding light scalds the eyes
of those who never defy.
The sheeple enter the abyss
of lies and ignorant bliss.
Those of servitude...
welcome mental death and never know the truth.
World in chains...
lives shackled in bondage...
invisible masters reaping mental blindness.
Gods of slavery, masters of weakness
herd the masses into compliance.
Spirit of the wolf, lords of their domain
shall never comply with holy restraints.
Destroy the chains of lies, drown the light within,
you are oblige to smite religion.
Track Name: Dead Chaplain
You'll die for your lord
Wasting your life for a meaningless cause
You will be slain, your blood shall be poured
The armies you lead will be wiped out and scorned
Lay down your life... Chaplain!
Give your soul to me
I am Lucifer!
My might will be your destruction
Bow to your dark Lord
My trident calls thy name
It beckons your death
To the depths you shall be slain
My trident is thy bane
It slices through your flesh
Your body has been maimed
I am Lucifer!
My might will bring your destruction
I am Lucifer!
Your light will be extinguished
I am Lucifer!
Bow to your Dark Lord.
Track Name: Extinction Awaits
Extinction awaits while you fucking pray!
World turns to dust, I can't fucking wait
My savior will come, to cleanse this human plague.
Bring forth the carnage and destruction of the Earth
so I can go to heaven and watch the world burn.
Why save the Earth when I'll get saved instead?
I'm waiting for the Apocalypse and four horsemen.
Extinction awaits...
Hold up your cross.
Watch this world burn.
Ungrateful to life.
Ungrateful to Earth.
Track Name: Heathen
Bringer of light, body of truth
concepts of lies and mental abuse.
Living on your knees blind and subdued
by words of weakness and servitude.
In our heathen mind
god does not exist.
Through our heathen eyes
christ isn't worth a shit.
Tools of the trade, bearers of the cross
spreading the words of neanderthals.
Bound to ancient text, sworn and coerced
to live the false life of the worshiper.
This soul dwells godless
To speak of his name in blasphemy.
Spitting on the cross is our destiny.
Inspired by the devil's dissent.
Homage to our lord and never repent!
Your god is DEAD!
Track Name: Death's Reaping
Lord of souls
emerges from the shadows.
King of kings, lord of the dead
mouth exposing the gateway to beyond.
Eyes deeming
which souls are damned to the grave.
Voice screaming
lasts words of thousands long deceased.
Ears bleeding
from his presence the voice of deafening.
Death's reaping
Echo thunderous for all the world to hear.
O' soul of death, of blight and decay
life thrown into chaos entering death's domain.
Abyssal descent
blackness entering in.
Oblivion.. dominion
of a soul no more!
Our eyes have seen
past these worldly offerings.
death is the only real truth
and shall level all human suffering.
Track Name: Fire and Brimstone
Burning red hue within the heavens.
The trumpets howl, report of seven.
Humanity consumed in the devil's embrace
Night sky pours sulphurous rain.
Whirlwind of demons cackle overhead.
Dealers of death reap their harvest.
Black wings perched upon the earthly summit
reclaiming the holy fortress for his lord.
Death knocks at the door
of those of the false devotion.
I walk the valley of the shadow of death.
Fire and brimstone set this earth ablaze
and death I shall fear not
for the devil has regained his place.
Fire and brimstone, you all shall burn.
Fire and brimstone, set this earth ablaze.